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How to Pass Your MOT in One Go?

MOT has always been a scare for a significant section of vehicle owners. And now, after the pandemic hit us all and pushed under the strict lockdown situation, it’s going to be a challenging game to get back to normal again. When a lot is happening and are mostly uncertain, a little bit of certainty is essential. So you are just in the right place to know how to ace the MOT after such a long time.

MOT About

MOT is the roadworthy test of your vehicle and every other automobile running on the roads of the UK. This is the test that makes sure your car is worthy of being on the road while not being any danger to anyone. Before we talk about the ways of passing the MOT, we should be aware of what it stands for first. MOT is the abbreviation of Ministry of Transport in the UK as it is only done for the ones belonging to this country.

But now, the biggest question is how to be in the right shape for MOT? What does the test require? Some particular things are essential to keep tabs on so that you can be prepared and confident about your car and pass the MOT with the least or no problem at all when the time comes.

Being Ready for the Check

Now let us check what details you need to pass the roadworthy test and what warning points need to be fixed immediately before taking the test.

The first thing that will be checked is the VIN or the Vehicle Identification Number and the registration plate. Then the body of it, then the interior and the major internal parts of it. The vehicle’s body includes lights, mirror, door, tyres and wheels, windscreen & wipers, seat and seatbelts, steering and horn, etc.

The internal parts have the fuel system, suspension system, exhaust system, air conditioner, brakes, etc.

As the car can fail an MOT quickly due to someone fault in it, so it is necessary to be careful about checking every part properly before the test. The passing of the test doesn’t require much but just a little care and attention. While it seems like a complicated process and examination to qualify for hitting the road, it is nothing more than a cakewalk for the regularly maintained car or automobile. Still, no matter what, it is essential to have careful checking just before the test.

The Difference Between MOT & Annual Checkup

MOT is a thorough check of the car, and so it is sometimes confused by people to be the same as an annual check-up of a vehicle. But this doesn’t seem right as the aim of the two is entirely different.

While MOT Redditch looks for any faults or damages only to warn the driver and bar the vehicle with a potential threat, annual check-up aims to look for the issue only to solve and fix it for the proper functioning of the car.

After MOT Checking

So what happens after the testing is over? The very next steps are not that much of a worry if the inspection goes well before that. Now just the results of the examination shall be provided to you by the mechanic. If there has been an issue with your car somewhere, this is the place where you will be informed about it. The results can either be “pass”, “pass with advisories”, “pass with minor faults”, or “fail with major faults”.

For those who thought it would be a simple pass or fail result, it’s not so, which is, in fact, really helpful to understand the condition of your vehicle. In case you fail the test, you know what to fix to pass the retest.

If you give anyway, you know what needs to be dealt with either immediately or shortly to avoid road troubles. Finally, with a valid MOT certificate, you can get back on the tarmac without any worries. But this certificate can only be good when the authorised MOT test centres shall execute the test.


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