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What’s The Approximate Life of Your Car Tyres

The unanimity among car tyre manufacturers and dealers is that the vehicle owners should change their tyres in about 5-6 years. This is also repeated by European organizations, according to them, the tyre may be contemplated as new for 5 years from the date of manufacture. However, some sources also say that the life of a tyre is somewhere around 10 years, without considering the amount of tyre tread left. It is an estimate that several people make about the life of a tyre, the real truth is that no one can predict a tyres’ life without knowing how it is used on the daily basis. It totally depends on your way of driving.

If you constantly drive rash on an uneven road, your tyres will wear out very fast, resulting in their lower life span. There is important information mentioned on the sidewall of the tyre which is the Mobile Tyres Fitting Reading. One should know how to read the readings so as to know the necessary information about the tyres. You should know that Badly aligned wheels, unbalanced wheels and low tyre pressure are also some factors that contribute to a decreased life span of the tyres. 


The outer appearance of all the tyres look alike, but each one has been provided with a distinct set of tyre markings mentioned on them. Among the markings mentioned on the tyre, a marking referred to as DOT code is also indicated there. The DOT code consists of an alphanumeric string of several characters, and what you have to read are the final 4 digits written there. Below-mentioned is how to read a DOT code:

  • A tyre has many markings mentioned on it on its sidewall, the DOT marking is one of the easiest ones to search for as it commences with the letter “DOT”.
  • The final four digits that are mentioned there represent the tyre’s production date, e.g. 3318.
  • The first 2 digits “33” demonstrates the calendar week in which the tyres were manufactured. Further, it is followed by the year in which it is produced, in this instance “18” which means 2018.
  • The numbers and the letters that forego the DOT code are not as important as the DOT number, as they are just for making you understand the tyres manufacturing path. In the first 4 digits, say “2M2K” the first two alphanumeric digits indicate the plant code or the manufacturing place. In this example, 2M is for Firestone North American tyre. Whereas the third and the fourth digit represents the tyre size and code.

Hence, the primary use of the DOT code is to search tyres in the circumstance of a product remembrance, they help in predicting the shelf-life of a tyre. The life of your tyres starts from the manufacturing date and ends depending on the way you treat your car.


Having a concern about the DOT code is genuine and profound, as it does not always mean that the new tyres you purchased were precisely made recently. It takes time for the tyre to move from the manufacturer to the retailers. The DOT code mentioned on the tyres will let you know how old are they when they have been produced and for how long have they been stored. Most garages take protection very seriously. Once they receive the tyre, they immediately move them into their warehouse for proper storage to prevent oxidization. The storage location in which they protect the tyres is cool and climate-controlled, preventing any damage to the tyres. It is important to know about Bridgestone Tyres Reading as it makes you aware of the necessary information such as the DOT code and other markings mentioned on the tyres.


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