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Why Should You Go With Bridgestone Tyres?

Are you thinking of changing your tyres? Many brands may spring to mind, but Bridgestone tyres Chichester is often considered one of the most difficult. When the firm was created, American and British products were well-known in Japan. As a result, Ishibashi decided to give his company an English name, and so Bridgestone was born.


Before getting into the tyre industry, Ishibashi was involved with his brother’s firm. Tabi was traditional Japanese footwear. Ishibashi created the first rubber sole in 1925, which was a huge hit. He invented a tyre in 1930 and founded the Bridgestone Tyre Enterprise in 1931.

The business headquarters had been transferred to Tokyo in order to meet the city’s growing demands. Ishibashi was always hesitant to develop his company. He also invented V-belts, golf balls, gearbox belts, and other items. During WWII, the company specialized in creating military equipment. In 1942, the company changed its name to Nippon Tyre Co. Ltd. The name stayed with the corporation for 9 years, but the company was renamed Bridgestone in 1984.

Bridgestone tyres for sale
Everyone has been there…

On the roadways, everything is fine until suddenly there is a crash! A sharp rusted nail wreaks havoc in one of your vehicle’s tyres, wending its way into the tube and damaging and puncturing your rubber.

Vehicle safety begins with well-maintained, strong tyres. All drivers are aware that tyre quality affects vehicle control, acceleration, and braking. Many drivers choose the Bridgestone brand when purchasing tyres. It’s understandable. It is a well-known and respected brand. Bridgestone tyres provide the greatest tyre attributes available. When users buy Bridgestone tyres, users can rest assured that they’ll never let you down.

The Brand Philosophy of Bridgestone

Bridgestone is indeed a Japanese tyre company that was founded in 1932. Since then it has grown to be among the most well-known in the industry. In 1988, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company were acquired by Bridgestone. Making it one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. It is now present in practically every market on the planet. Over 180 production sites generate massive tyres for the corporation.

Bridgestone manufactures high-quality tyres. The company’s main purpose is to keep you as secure as possible. Bridgestone is always exploring technological advances and enhancing current production techniques.

The Twenty-First Century Is Here!

Bridgestone has been expanding its operations since its inception. It has also been incredibly successful in incorporating new ideas into its production. Bridgestone now sells Tyres Bilston under the brands Dayton, Road King, Firestone, First Stop, and so on. It operates 40 manufacturing plants across the world.

Bridgestone tyres have several advantages.

The number of advantages that Bridgestone tyres provide is lengthy. So here are a few of the factors why drivers must consider purchasing Bridgestone goods.

Technology and new ideas

Bridgestone is known for producing high-quality tyres. At every stage of production, all tyres are tested and given a certification of quality and conformity with all international requirements. The business has created a number of innovations, namely run-flat tyre innovation and tyre and road condition sensor systems.

Guaranteed for life

For consumers who purchase three or even more Bridgestone wheels and suspension systems, Bridgestone offers a 50 000 miles wearing life guarantee. This is a fantastic chance for drivers to obtain free service at any Bridgestone Service Center.

Wide selection of products

Bridgestone is well-known for its extensive product line, which includes top-rated quality tyres. Whatever automobile you own, you will undoubtedly discover tyres that are perfect for it.

Choose Chichester Tyre

In conclusion, Chichester Tyre has the expertise to help you with tyres Chichester. For your help, we have a group of professionals to assist you. After that, they provide you with many other facilities. For instance wheel alignment, wheel repairing, etc.

Our skilled professional will also dispose of the old tyres for you; we’ll handle them so you don’t have to.

However, Your vehicle’s luxurious servicing is only a phone call away. You may also get your new tyres in the comfort and privacy of contacting us.


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